Amberos was founded in Palanga, the Lithuanian capital of amber. Here, the Baltic storms have been washing this precious stone ashore for thousands of years, whilst our family has been collecting and cherishing it for many generations. Today, we are proud to share our passion for amber with the wider world.


Amber has always been a source of inspiration to us. It takes dozens of millions of years to form, and so we see amber as a delicate material that our company handles with special care to reveal its natural beauty.


We smooth and polish every single piece of amber before we join them into beautiful necklaces and bracelets. Though our production has been steadily growing in the past years, we still handle amber mostly manually. This way, we maintain the highest quality, and the true essence of amber reaches you and your loved ones unspoiled.


Since Lithuania regained independence in early 90’s, our family business went both global and large-scale. We currently maintain deep partnerships with retailers and distributors that extend from Australia to South Africa and the US, let alone Europe. We value long term cooperation, yet you are very welcome to experience the magic of Baltic amber in smaller quantities – feel free to contact us.